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Combined yoga and physiotherapy classes

A few months ago a friend introduced me to her physiotherapist, Caroline Gallehawk. She spoke incredibly highly of Caroline, who unlike other people she’d seen over the years was taking a whole-body approach to working with her arthritis and autoimmune issues.

As fate would have it, Caroline was looking for a yoga teacher that she could work with to provide combined yoga and physiotherapy sessions…. Fast forward to October 2019 and we began offering these classes together. What started out as an experiment and has been a resounding success! We’ve expanded our offering to 2 classes each week, each session tailored to the specific physical needs of the people attending.

These are small private group classes, with a max class size of 4 people, where gentle yoga movements are combined with in-depth physiotherapy and assistance from Caroline to help alleviate physical ailments and promote targeted strengthening where its most needed. Classes currently run on Friday mornings but we’re considering opening them out to other week days in early 2020.


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