I teach the kind of classes that I love to practise myself – those which get the energy flowing and leave you feeling happier and healthier than when you arrived on the mat. I’m always exploring and deepening my own practice and am fully qualified to teach each of the types of yoga that I offer (please see my accreditation details in the about section).  

My classes aim to be accessible, supportive and fun for everyone - from complete newcomers to experienced yogis. I offer detailed assistance to beginners and also more challenging options for people looking to develop their practice.

Flow and Restore:
Featuring an hour’s dynamic yoga followed by 30 minutes of restorative poses, making a complete and balanced practice to strengthen, energise, and release tension. Suitable for all levels of yoga experience, from beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. All kit provided.
The class runs every Thursday evening at The Old School, Cuckfield, from 8-9:30pm


Vinyasa Flow:

This are flowing classes which develops strength, balance and flexibility. The classes coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next – this continual movement builds heat within the body to release toxins and build stamina, whilst a focus on the patterns of the breath helps to quieten the mind and relieve stress. These classes will leave you feeling light, content, and energised.





Restorative Yoga is a deeply relaxing type of yoga which allows the body and mind to de-stress. In a restorative practice we work with a series of reclined postures with the body completely supported by props, which allows the body to relax and the mind to calm. The postures are held and supported for a longer period of time, offering a powerful way to unwind and relax.





Practising yoga throughout pregnancy has been proven to be hugely beneficial, both for mum and baby. Whether you are completely new to yoga or already experienced, these classes will make you feel like a new woman - energised and ache-free. 

They also provide a great chance to meet up with other pregnant ladies and new mums and share your experiences in a supportive & friendly space.

I’m a fully-registered FEDANT antenatal educator and also offer birth preparation classes for expectant parents too.

Please see my current timetable at





Pregnancy and childbirth can put a significant strain on the body and so it’s important to return to exercise gradually (and with a specialist instructor who knows how to work safely with the postnatal body) after having a baby. Postnatal yoga is a fantastic way to strengthen and rejuvenate the body whilst safely regaining core strength. It’s also a great excuse to relax, recharge and enjoy some time out!

Please see my current timetable at

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