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Fun at Yoga

We’re extremely grateful for Kate’s classes at ABN AMRO Commercial Finance.


Kate brings a wide range of exercises and self awareness into the workplace, be it in the office or as we work remotely, her tailored classes enlighten and energise our workforce, breaking up the corporate working environment and complimenting our global wellbeing strategy.


Kate’ s practises have proven to significantly improve morale across our portfolio extending into our European branches, gracing many individuals with significant boost in mindfulness and physical awareness.

Craig Fullbrook

Facilities Coordinator

ABN AMRO Commercial Finance

corporate yoga

I run a number of weekly yoga classes for businesses clients – these can be in-person within Sussex, and also online, spread across the world. These are tailored to the needs of specific organisations and their colleagues and can provide a huge boost to employee physical and mental wellbeing, as well as connecting colleagues who are working remotely.


Corporate classes can run first thing in the morning, over a lunch break, or at the end of the working day. Class recordings are also provided, which can be shared with employees who are unable to attend live. 


Before training to teach yoga I worked for 15 years in corporate communication, as a film producer at an internationally renowned London-based corporate production company. This unique combination of business experience and in-depth yoga training means that I’m equally comfortable in both the workplace environment and world of wellbeing. 

As well as offering dedicated yoga classes I can also help businesses to promote and organise classes, plus assist in coordinating with any existing employee wellbeing campaigns.

Corporate wellbeing away days

I work in conjunction with a highly experienced Clinical and Coaching Psychologist to offer bespoke businesses away days. Run either as immersive offsite company 'day retreats’ or as virtual coaching sessions, these help to model and reinforce a nurturing and compassionate culture within a business. Such initiatives are proven to positively impact on performance and profit, to attract and retain top talent, reduce sickness and improve employee engagement, whilst rewarding employee loyalty and effort. See for more details.

Employee resilience and wellbeing workshops 

I also offer employee resilience and wellbeing workshops in partnership with a trained mental health first aider see for more details.

For more information about any of the above, please:

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