beginners yoga Course

Everyone - even the most experienced yogi - has been a yoga beginner at some stage. I remember my own first yoga class clearly: I went along to a lunchtime class in Covent Garden with a friend, and seemed to be surrounded by incredibly flexible people who all moved confidently around the mat while I wobbled my way through the hour. Nonetheless I stuck with it and soon was going a few times a week but I know if I’d been less confident, or perhaps gone along on my own, things might well have been different. 


In many ways this course is based on what I wish I’d done before that first class. Over the course of 6 videos we explore some of the key components of a typical yoga session; begin to understand some of the key names and postures; and learn how elements of mindfulness and breath awareness can become a part of the movement practice.


Yoga should be for every body, regardless of physical fitness and ability, and many modifications are suggested to accommodate different physical needs. I also offer the option of purchasing the Beginners Course bundled with a private class (in-person at my home studio, or online via zoom), so that any queries or specific physical needs can be addressed.


The programme is broken down into 6 logical elements which can be practiced multiple times to suit you over a 6-month period. 


  Access to this course costs £50 or £75 including an online private class.