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I’ve been running yoga classes for the best part of a decade now, and over that time have had the pleasure of making lots of new friends through my classes. It might sound a bit corny but it’s absolutely true! I tend to work with people for many years, often throughout seismic life-changes like pregnancy and new careers, and this can form strong bonds of trust. The lockdowns of the past year have given me a new appreciation of the importance of community, and so I wanted to find a way to reward those who've shared their journey with me.

I’ve set up a membership system for my classes so students can pay a monthly fee, thereby reducing the weekly class price - and removing a layer of admin in the process – goodbye loyalty cards! Members can chose to reserve regular private classes to refine techniques or learn new movements in detail.

Members also gain access to a separate section of this site – The Community Space - where I’ll be providing additional information and detail about some of the techniques we use within our practice. I'll also address common aches and pains and how to relieve them. I'll aim to add a new video each month, building a library of useful clips over time. I'll also post music playlists, articles and other interesting resources.

If you’d like to become a member, drop me an email and I’ll send full details of what’s available.


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