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Beginners Yoga online course

I know that yoga can seem a little bewildering at first – I still remember going to my first group class, and wondering how on earth everyone else seemed to know what to do. I’ve never forgotten that feeling and have tried to reflect that in my teaching ever since.

Over my years of teaching I’ve worked with hundreds of complete beginners, and many of them have come to yoga with similar concerns - they might worried about making mistakes, or feel that they aren’t flexible enough or won’t be good at balancing, or won’t be able to achieve the gymnastic contortions that they see on social media, etc etc. I’ve also noticed that a lot of studios offer beginners courses run by relatively new and inexperienced teachers, which has always struck me as the wrong way around given the potential exposure of new students to overstretching or injury (my own understanding of the human body has certainly been immeasurably expanded by my teaching experience, and ongoing study of anatomy).

So I've based this course on what I wish I knew before I started attending open classes, and tried to keep things simple and accessible to everyone.

I’ve devised a series of 5 simple videos (20-45 mins in length) which explore some of the key components of a typical yoga session; cover many of the key names and postures; and touch on how elements of mindfulness and breath awareness can become a part of the movement practice. My Beginners Yoga course is for anyone who is new to yoga, for those who are returning to practice after a break, or for anyone who finds the thought of joining a group class intimidating.

You can sign up to the course here


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